Cork Rory Gallagher Airport

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Rename Cork Airport After Rory Gallagher

Status of the new Petition

The reason why I started a new petition in October 2014 was the following:

The American host of the website petitiononline. decided to shut down their site on 30th September 2014.

DONE 1 11 sept 2014 - Copy

When petitiononline. closed down their site, the petition had reached a total of 10.835 signatures.

DONE 2 oct 2014 - Copy


So, I had to start a new petition, which went online on 5th October 2014:

10 OCT 2014 10502049_365023470340847_2713228077820571385_n

The Status on 10th October 2014 was 525 signatures.

DONE 10 oct 2014 - Copy

The Status on 26th November 2014 was 1.083 signatures.

28 nov 2014 - Copy

The Status on 28th March 2015 was 1.600 signatures.

1600 signatures on 280315 - Copy

The Status on 23rd April 2015 was 1.700 signatures.

1700 signatures on 23042015 - Copy

The Status on 15th July 2015 was 2.000 signatures.

2000 signatures on 150715 - Copy

The Status on 12th September 2015 was 2.200 signatures.

2200 signatures on 120915 - Copy

The Status on 17th December 2015 was 2.500 signatures.

2500 signatures on 171215 - Copy

 The Status on 21st January 2016 was 2.600 signatures.

 2600 signatures on 210116

The Status on 4th January 2017 was 3.600 signatures.


If we take into account the 10.835 signatures of the ‘old’ petition until October 2014, the ongoing petition has now reached a total of 14.435 signatures so far…!

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The target is set to 15.000 signatures…so, 565 signatures still to go!

I sincerely hope that you’re all willing to support this campaign to “Rename Cork Airport to Cork Rory Gallagher Airport”… let’s get to work!

Thanks a Million to All of You!!!

Brigitte ‘Bibi’ Lehmann

Brussels, 4th January 2017



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