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Press Articles 2012

 Press Articles 2012:




On the possible separation of Cork Airport from the DAA, Mr Varadkar said it was a very different case as Cork had much higher levels of debt than Shannon.

The Ryanair boss admonished the minister for lack of “bloody action” – which led Mr Varadkar to retort that a “money grabbing” Mr O’Leary needs “a new song to sing”.





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In relation to Cork Airport, the Government said it had decided “that the existing ownership of the Airport by the DAA will be maintained for the present”. “To take account of this decision, the DAA will be renamed to reflect the fact that there are now two airports and international businesses in the group structure,” the statement continued. “The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport will be making an announcement in the near future on this issue.”

But Cork Airport will remain under Dublin management, according to the plans.




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The report says further financial analysis would have to take place to determine the “appropriate level of debt that could be allocated to each of these airports” if they were removed from DAA control. The authors say Cork is in a “healthier situation” than Shannon and the need for separation “is less obvious although greater autonomy in terms of marketing and route development … would be good”.


(After the stirring speech, Niall Stokes was on hand to present the President with a framed photo of Phil Lynott and Rory Gallagher to, in his words, “get some rock ‘n’ roll onto the walls of Aras AnUachtarain.”)





“I hope that the video , which is a visual summary of the petition campaign, has the desired impact that Minister Varadkar changes his opinion and brings it up to Fine Gael’s next meeting, so it could be voted on.” said Ms Lehmann. “The final purpose is that Cork Airport will be renamed after Rory Gallagher.”

Cork airport saw passenger volumes decline by 3 per cent to just over 2.4 million last year. The report sees it as profitable on a day-to-day basis and believes it could be viable as a standalone entity in the future. Cork’s governance structure should be reviewed to allow greater autonomy, the report adds.

Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary has written to Transport Minister Leo Varadkar, urging him to sell Shannon and Cork airports to the highest bidder.

No one is going to hand Cork a menu of ideas to help dig it out of the unemployment that afflicts the area currently. It must find solutions for itself that do not draw on the Exchequer but instead leverage any natural advantages it has.

Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has said “it is intended that Cork and Shannon airports will remain in public ownership”. However, Mr Varadkar added: “That is not to say that there cannot be private sector investment and involvement in the airports in a way that is not the case currently.” “But uncertainty over the airports’ future is likely to continue for a few more months”, says Varadkar….