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Rory Gallagher Landmarks & other Notables

Rory Gallagher Landmarks & other Notables

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The Rory Gallagher Story:

2nd March 1948: Rory Gallagher was born at Rock Hospital in Ballyshannon, County Donegal/Ireland.

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17th June 1995: Rory Gallagher was buried at St. Oliver’s Cemetery in Ballincolling, near Cork/Ireland.

2a DSC_2063

His headstone is a Replica of an Award he received in 1972 for International Guitarist of the Year.

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October 1995 – Rue Rory Gallagher: the name of the road outside of the music venue “Le Plan” in Ris Orangis, near Paris/France was renamed after Rory Gallagher.

3 Oct 1995 10734134_860434880664137_4063111989184173092_n

25th October 1997 – Rory Gallagher Place: St. Paul’s Square in Cork was formally renamed and a tribute sculpture honouring the Irish Master made by Geraldine Creedon was unveiled.

4 1997rg place cork

2002 – Rory Gallagher Stamp: The Irish postal system, An Post released an Irish Rock Legends stamp of Rory Gallagher.

5 Stamp

October 2004 – Rory Gallagher’s Music Library: Cork City Library’s music department was officially renamed.

6 2004rg library cork

June 2005 – Rory Gallagher Theatre in Ballyshannon: the main theatre at the multi-hall Abbey Centre in Ballyshannon, County Donegal was officially renamed.

7 2005theatre ballyshannon

6th October 2005 – The Irish Music Wall of Fame in Dublin: the “Wall of Fame” photographic exhibition was official unveiled. The Wall features 12 photos of Ireland’s finest musicians permanently displayed on the Temple Bar Music Centre in Dublin, Ireland. 

9 dublin wall of fame

16th June 2006 – Rory Gallagher Corner in Dublin: a detailed, life-size bronze replica of Gallagher’s famously worn 1961 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster guitar was unveiled, mounted high above bustling Essex Street East, at the Rory Gallagher Corner entrance to the Meeting House Square in Dublin/Ireland.

8 2006 dublin guitar

29th December 2006: Belfast City Council held a special tribute to the late Rory Gallagher at the Ulster Hall and unveiled a memorial plaque.

10 534404_508768332497462_1071226978_n

2nd June 2010 – Rory Gallagher Statue in Ballyshannon: a life-sized bronze statue of Rory Gallagher was unveiled in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland. The statue is located at the Diamond in Ballyshannon town centre was crafted by award-winning sculptor, David Annand from Fife in Scotland and funded by Donegal County Council Public Art Office.

11a 2010 statue ballyshannon

Rory Gallagher Place in Ballyshannon: the original wall painting in Ballyshannon, County Donegal was done by the Bogside Artists from Derry.

12 wall painting ballyshannon

Crowleys Music Centre in Cork: Rory Gallagher bought here in August 1963 his famous Sunburst Fender Stratocaster for 100£. The popular music shop was founded in 1926 and unfortunately closed its doors in August 2013.

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Rory Gallagher’s beloved 1961 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster 

13a 1961 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster bought aug 1963 for 100 pnd

Crowleys Musician Centre: Sheena Crowley established this centre at the Oliver Plunkett Bar in Cork. 

15 crowley musician centre oliver plunkett

0 oliver

Crowley’s Musician Centre in partnership with The Oliver Plunkett Bar, 116 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork



Gallagher House in Cork: on MacCurtain Street in Cork was named in memory of the late local musician and composer Rory Gallagher.

14a gallagher house

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Gallagher’s in Cork was closed since 2009 and re-opened in May 2013 as “Gallagher’s Pub”

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Whenever in Cork…please pay visit to Gallagher’s Pub, 32 Mac Curtain Street…the street where Rory Gallagher lived…


“Cork Legends”

2010: Mural painting at Bishop Lucey Park in Cork during Christ Church Renovations

0 Bishop Lucey Park during Christ Church renovations, 2010

2012: An Cruiscin Lan, 19 Douglas Street in Cork

0 An Cruiscin Lan 19 Douglas Street Cork

Mural wall painted by graphic artist Will Sliney of the Sugar Cube at Cork City’s Grand Parade. Mural features Jack Lynch, Sonia O Sullivan, RORY GALLAGHER, Graham Norton, Ronan O Gara, Roy Keane, Christy Ring, Micheal Collins and Cillian Murphy.

16 July 2014 10491068_314619415381253_7866009314797251331_n

Mural painting by Vincent Zara at Ziggy’s Bar in Cork



Mural painting by Vincent Zara at Tobin Street in Cork

0 vincent zara Tobin Street

Mural painting by Vincent Zara at Washington Street in Cork

0 VINCENT ZARA Washington Street West Cork

Mural painting by Cork artist Dusto

0 Cork artist Dusto

October 2014: Mural painting at South Main Street in Cork

17 oct 2014 10346381_367943053382222_5487160061782241218_n

Rory Gallagher Video Slide Show “A Million Miles Away”